Founded in 2018, JBS Protection is a fully licensed security services provider of specially trained, armed and unarmed security guards.  We have a combined experience of over 40 years in law enforcement and public safety. Our leadership team is comprised of law enforcement and military experts with vast security/protection knowledge and experience.We provide a full range of security and protection services for public, private, and business use throughout California and the greater United States.


  • Demand ACCOUNTABILITY of ourselves and each other
  • Ensure INTEGRITY through actions (not just words)
  • Build TRUST by being authentic and transparent
  • Deliver EXCELLENCE in all we do, everyday
  • Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY in the little and BIG things
  • Demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY by being consistent and committed
  • Cultivate TEAMWORK with each other, every partner and client
  • Emphasize SAFETY and AWARENESS as fundamental to our success


JBS Protection / PPO # 120444
Business Phone: (877) 788-5590 / E-mail: info@jbsprotection.com
Address: 1230 Rosecrans Ave. Suite 300 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266