JBS Protection is a fully licensed and bonded private security guard company led by a leadership team with a combined 40 years of experience in law enforcement and security services. If you are looking to hire security guards, you’ve come to the right place.  Our security guards can provide a host of essential benefits for every client type, such as theft prevention, patrol and monitoring, crime deterrence, security sweeps, crowd and traffic control, and/or responding to disturbances.

JBS Protection is not your average security company offering a cookie cutter guard trained to only “observe and report”. We provide quality and reliable security solutions to our clients. Our highly trained and experienced security guards are available to fill a wide range of security and safety needs. Whether our clients require armed or unarmed security services for short- or long- term assignments across a 5 day or 24/7 operation, they can count on the professional and quality services we provide.

We offer our clients customized solutions to fit their unique security, safety, and budgetary needs.  Our approach is to work with you to determine the level of your security needs and recommend the appropriate number of qualified armed or unarmed security guards. If you need one security guard or several, we can help you customize the solution that best suits your needs and budget.


A thorough security and safety assessment is conducted with each client.  We consider factors such as location, size, existing security measures, risk level, and specific requests by our clients.  Our team will then propose either armed our unarmed security guards:

Our unarmed security guards have just the right knowledge, experience, skills, and certification to carry out a wide variety of entry to mid-level security tasks. These tasks range from visible deterrence to crime prevention to reporting and de-escalating incidents.

Our armed security guards are trained to possess and use firearms mainly for defense.  All armed guards are licensed professionals, self-controlled, and trained to perform at the highest level to deter crime and become an asset to protecting your organization. We believe that force is not always the answer, but the need for force can never be eliminated. When that need arises, it is crucial to supply the best kind of service. Our armed security guards have received the proper security training including proper force and de-escalation training to resolve all kinds of conflicts and high-risk situations.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards: You can expect to pay more per hour for an armed security guard as opposed to an unarmed security guard. Security companies that employ armed guards bear higher insurance and training costs. Armed guards must also undergo firearms training, non-violent crisis training, and meet state licensing requirements.

Depending on the risk and level of protection, you may only need the services of an unarmed guard. If you have significant security concerns, you will probably want security guards with extensive experience in handling and de-escalating potentially high-risk situations. Our Armed Security Guards and Executive Protection team are often retired or off-duty police officers or ex-military personnel with extensive security or Special Forces training.


At JBS Protection, our client’s security and safety needs are our number one priority. Just having an alarm and monitoring system is not effective in any way to keep your business, property, and people safe. Each of our guards has been carefully selected, intensively screened, and properly trained.  Our goal is to ensure that they remain professional, reliable, proactive, and prepared to provide the best security and safety services available.

At JBS Protection, we hold our security guards to the highest level of standards.  The protection of our client’s property, and the safety of all people at each site is our number one priority. Our security guards have been extensively trained on how to handle a wide variety of situations. Our security guards are monitored closely by our supervisors and through our real-time guard tracking system to ensure your security needs are being met.

Call to discuss your safety and security needs today. You will not be disappointed!

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